Local partner to the PDAid Foundation, the Kilimanjaro Initiative (KI), oversee the progress of the mentees in Kenya and coordinate that their education is conducted according to plan.

Every month the PDAid Foundation receives scholarship reports from the mentees, containing information concerning their:

  • experience at school, in regards to course(s), assignment(s) and teacher(s)
  • enrollment in community activities
  • wellbeing in general and in their private lives in terms of mood and spirit
  • information about exams and assignments

We will be writing blog posts based on the monthly reports received from the mentees. Please visit our blog to follow our mentees as they describe their experiences and provide information concerning their enrollment in the support program. 

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Sharon Wambui
Amboseli Institute of Hospitality & Technology

I am doing well. This semester is almost done. I resume for my next semester classes starting from Monday 14 October 2019 after my end of semester exams.

I reported back to school late this semester due to unavoidable circumstances, so I missed some of the classes. But all in all, I managed and tried my best to catch up for what I lost.

We are provided with a lot of assignments and research. I have been learning new recipes every day and working on them since we are provided with a lot of theory and practicals at school. We are therefore allowed to research on new recipes. It feels great to be in school of hospitality because it is what I have always wanted in life. I love cooking with passion and being in a hospitality environment. I found a great opportunity to explore different fields in hospitality such as tourism, housekeeping, front office and many more. I also have friends who study other courses that are different from mine, and I see them fairing on well like me so that means that I chose the course that I wanted in life.

I am also learning foreign languages like German, French etc. and I am progressing well. l am getting familiar with the languages provided in school. I also want to take this opportunity to thank PDAid Foundation in partnership with Kilimanjaro Initiative for making this happen.

I have been participating in handball games since I was in high school, and it is now one of my favorite games. I have not managed to visit my PSS group since I am very busy with my classes. Whenever I am free, I visit the children’s homes near our school where we volunteer and feed the young kids. We also make their hair and play with them.

In general, this month has been great. As time goes by, I am realizing that am learning a lot of things. My mind is also expanding since I am around different people with different backgrounds. Life in college is very hard and sometimes if you do not focus you might lose. I keep telling myself that I come from a poor background, and that I will not allow peer pressure to destroy my future. Sometimes, I do not mingle with people who come from rich backgrounds because they can somehow discourage you. I do not let people know more about me – some may share my story or even take advantage of me.

Most of my classmates have dropped school due to peer pressure. Some have started abusing drugs and most of them are pregnant. From this, I have learned that college life can really destroy your future if you engage in bad company. Thanks to my mentor for giving me guidance and counseling.


These exams will be end of first semester in certificate course. I am very prepared for the exams. I am doing research and learning more recipes everyday which will definitely help me in the future and more so when I start working. I am left with only two semesters – this semester and next semester which starts in January and ends in April 2020. I will therefore do my final exams in April 2020, and then my school will provide me an internship.

I am still learning German as my foreign language and its quite good. I already know how to introduce myself, count numbers, the days of the week and many other things in German. I am also getting some help from my friend who is German.

My last course results are out, and I did well according to my strength. I am willing to work more than I scored on my next semesters exam because this is my only chance to success. I can do more and work harder since I am only in school for a while, so I have to put in all my effort. Next month, we will have school trips and I must attend one of them. If I fail that, I will not be getting a certificate because they will write in my certificate course that it is “not completed”.

It has been a while since I participated in psychosocial support. I only join my friends at the nearest school to train and play handball. I jog every morning and walk for long distances. Due to a busy school schedule, my time is limited, but whenever I am free, I sometimes pass by and see how they are doing.

I have been doing well in terms of moods and spirit. Generally, this month has been great. I have been keeping myself off bad friends and bad choices. Since I am still growing up and learning a lot, I am now realizing more about myself. I want to be a successful woman, so I have to start working on it now. I have been visiting websites that counsel people especially in college and it is very educative. I can learn many things about both my social and private life.


We have different units which I am taking, for example Information Communication and Technology and German language, which is very fun. I can pronounce and write some words in German. At the end of this course, I will be able to speak German. We are provided with three languages (German, French or Chinese), and we are supposed to pick one. At first, I was confused on what language to choose, but I have a friend who lives in Germany and helps me learn German. That’s why I decided to choose German. In general, I have gained more knowledge in school.

I have also been working on some new recipes which I learned on the Internet. My last course results are out, and I did well according to my strength. I am willing to work more than I scored because this is my only chance to success. I can do more and work harder since I am only in school for a while, and I have to put my mind in it. I will be sharing my school result as soon as possible.

I am still participating in psychosocial support and doing workouts, for example I jog every morning and walk for long distances which is healthy for me. I have also been playing handball with my friends from the neighboring school. When am done with my school, I know I will be the best player in hand ball in our PSS group. Starting this month, I am not able to attend the games since I have resumed classes now.

In general, I have been doing well. I have been thinking about my life especially when it comes to my social life. I have been cautious since some of my schoolmates have dropped out of school due to peer pressure and joining bad company. Most of them have become victims of early pregnancies so I decided to make a decision – I want to be on my own and study hard because the outcomes are tough when joining bad company. I have learned to choose friends wisely and realize my purpose and most of all dignity as a young lady. We have counselors who come to counsel us in school. This has helped me as a teenager and has helped me create new paths.


Last week, I went back to school to clear and check my exams results. I am supposed to get the results before I start my Certificate Course in July. I was happy about the results since I did well in all three semesters in my Artisan course. I will be sharing my exams results as soon as I get the transcript performance. I have some problems with clearing, but once I manage to clear everything with the school, I will complete my Artisan course this month, and thereafter start my Certificate course in July.

The school has changed its uniform color, and we were asked to buy new ones. I will also be required to renew my school ID, food handler certificate and good conduct certificate.

I am still participating in psychosocial support and doing workouts that are healthy for me. This month, I have not been meeting with my fellow members due to my three months school attachment, but whenever I am free, we meet and make beads and door marts. We also play handball which feels great.

My mood has not been quite good since I lost my grandmother last month which hurts me so much. I felt so down – I have never been this down before in my whole life. She was like a mother to me, and she was the one who brought me up when I was young and taught me a lot of morals. She also provided me with basic needs and supported me financially in order to help me with school activities.

When I heard the sad news, I felt like giving up because it breaks me to see my family suffer, especially my mother and siblings. But I had to be strong for my mother and siblings since I am the oldest. I believe that I will be a successful woman one day and bring happiness to my mother and siblings so they can forget all the pain they went through.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and I told myself to not give up because life is not easy. I will do my best in my studies in order to make my life and future brighter. I believe I will change my family's life and give them a better one.


I am attached in a bakery where we bake bread which is always distributed in big towns like Nairobi. It is such a wonderful experience. I am gaining job experience, and it will contribute to the future working place. I have learned a lot in the bakery, and I am looking forward to working hard and learning more. Being in the hospitality department is a wonderful experience – mostly when it comes to food production. I am passionate about cooking which is why I decided to do bakery and pastry.

Being in Amboseli from July last year has made me a great cook, and I believe that I am going to be a great chef in the future. I really thank PDAid Foundation and Kilimanjaro Initiative (KI) for making it happen. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was a great experience, and I am most of all grateful that I have met new people.

I am still participating in psychosocial support. I am into doing workouts that are healthy for me. This month, I have not been meeting with my fellow members due to internship, but whenever I am free, we meet and make beads, door mats and play handball which feels great.

In general, I am learning a lot about the outside world. I meet different people every day. I am spending most of my time by myself which has changed me, so now I can choose my friends more wisely.


On Tuesday last week, I finished my end of semester exams, and I will be starting my long holiday in April. The holiday goes on until June, and hereafter I will be doing my attachment. The teachers are helping us with some of the ideas of how we can make the most of our time during the long holidays. They have suggested that I should try to find a hotel to do my attachment during this period, as this will help me learn more and gain experience.

The exam that I just did will determine whether I will proceed with my certificate course in food production or not, but I am positive and am already looking for a hotel where I will do my attachment. I look very much forward to getting one which will let me develop my skills further.

I am still playing handball with my friends and participating in psychosocial support. We meet and play handball near my school. To stay fit and prepared, I am also doing other physical activities such as walking to and from school from time to time.

I have been doing great, and I am happy that I have come to the end of semester. I know that I will now face another life out of school for 3 months and do my attachment. Finding an attachment is not always easy but hope and trust I will find one. I am very pleased to think about the things that I will learn during such a placement, as I am sure that when I start my attachment, I will gain more experience and skills.

I am looking forward to learning more recipes and even inventing my own. Cooking has been something that I have been passionate about for a long time and that I enjoy doing. I am very grateful to pdaidfoundation and Kilimanjaro Initiative for making my dream come true.


Our teachers focus on preparing us the best way possible for the test and we work with assignments similar to the ones that might come in our exams. I am determined on getting a good result as this semester’s exams will determine if I will proceed with my certificate course or not.

My fellow students and I have formed study groups in which we revise together. This way, we will be mentally prepared when the exam comes. Another great tool for expanding my knowledge and preparing for the exam is my new phone. By using it to connect to the internet, I am able to find and learn new recipes which is great since I am able to extend my knowledge beyond what I am taught in school.

It feels like this semester was very short since we had to attend many practical lessons before we are going for three months long holidays. Moreover, we had to attach ourselves to some hotels or even bakeries for experience.

I am still participating in psychosocial support group and play handball with my friends near the school. We are quite focused on staying fit and prepared so we also engage in other physical activities. Sometimes, I walk back and forth to school as part of my work out routine. Together with my friends, I also still make beads and mats from time to time, but as I spend many hours on studying and attending classes, I do not have a lot of time to be creative.

Overall, I would say that I am doing great. I am gaining much valuable experience in the outside world through the people I meet daily. I am very focused on avoiding bad company as I have seen some of my schoolmates getting involved with people who use drugs and show bad behavior and from my experience, these mates end up getting lost. I want a successful life after completing the course and this involves staying away from such bad company.


We get assignments every day to keep us focused and prepared, and as in the previous semester, the assignments are compiled and added to our end of semester grade. The teachers are very friendly and they make our work easy, and actually, it almost feel like we are being taught by our friends.

This semester I am supposed to attend two trips as part of the course work. Failure to attend the trips will cause a “course not completed”-mark in my certificate and I would have to repeat the course. Therefore, it is very important to me to join the trips.

If all goes as planned, I will be through with my Artisan course in March 2019 and then we will have a long holiday break (April 2019 and end in June 2019) after which I will join my certificate course for 9 months starting in July 2019.

As mentioned, this is the final semester in Cookery and Artisan and I have been busy with classes, and I need to work very hard to pass my exams. But, this also meant that I have not been able to spend time with my fellow psychosocial support team this month. Hopefully, I will have more time when the semester finishes.

Even though it was busy, it has been a great month both at home and at school, and I feel good. I would like to highlight a seminar that I participated in last weekend, when Judy from Kilimanjaro Initiative invited me for a seminar about how girls in the community are neglected. I really learned a lot and I was shocked that so many girls are still struggling so much both with for example affording school fees but also very basic things as for example buying sanitary towels.

That topic really touched me a lot and one day, I wish to be able support as many girls as possible the way PDAID Foundation and Kilimanjaro Initiative supported me. I don’t know where I would be without them.


Sharon Wambui

Our teachers are very strict with these assignments, as all of them will be complied with our end of semester exams. Of course, this means that we work even harder because failure to do the assignments will result in failing the exams. The teachers help us meet all deadlines as they work hard to make sure that all students are doing what they are supposed to do and on particular time.

Twice a week, motivational speakers come to talk to us and discuss different topics. These topics include for example drug abuse and prostitution. To me, this idea of bringing the motivational teachers to school is the best one ever since it helps people improve their lives.

In my spare time, I am still participating in Psychosocial Support (P.S.S). I also still go to the neighboring school to train handball and sometimes I play with my fellow members at school. Besides playing handball, I stay fit through a daily morning routine of running or jogging.

When all comes to all, this month has being great at school and at home. I am very happy because I am doing great with studies and I have good friends who are there for me. In moods and spirit, I feel really great since I learn new things as days go by and I have also overcome some challenges like staying away from bad company. I learned that bad company can really mess up your life in a blink of an eye, and therefore I now prefer staying alone. I went to school alone and I am going to finish school alone so my future is on my hands.

On another note, I am looking forward for December holiday so I can go home and help my mother in her small, recently opened business where she sells vegetables and fruit. The December holiday also means that I will have time to visit my grandmother in upcountry and I cannot wait to go.

I take this opportunity to wish you merry Christmas and prosperous New Year and to thank you for the support as I continue with my studies.


I am still participating in P.S.S and play handball. I enjoy handball very much and play with both members from the school and from the town nearby at the local sports field there. Occasionally, I train with our neighboring school to get some extra exercise.

Generally, I am doing all right and this month has been good at school. I still miss my family but I am learning to cope with the situation. This month, I lost two people that I was very close to and therefore, it has been rough on the private level. But luckily, I have good friends who helped me overcome the challenges and I am now starting to feel better and I am sure that I will be able to move on.


SeptemberThe past month, I have continued my participation in the Psychosocial support programme (PSS) in my spare time, and as a group, we are thriving. In addition, I still play handball with my fellow members at school and I enjoy it a lot.

In general, I am doing fine. This month has being great at school but I must admit that sometimes I miss my family. I know that I will get used to living alone as time goes by, but because I used to see my family every day, I suppose it is only natural that I feel a bit lonely every now and then. However, I keep my spirits up and focus on the fact that I am happy with how school is going.


I visit my group which is Psycho-social support programme, supported by KI (PSS) as often I can. I used to play handball in a local club, but because handball training and the PSS group sometimes overlap, I have started training in the neighboring school, Mount Kenya University. This way, I can attend both the group and handball practice.

I am actually doing fine, though it’s a bit cold at school. Sometime back, I was feeling a little bit confused since the school was far away from home and I wasn’t familiar to this particular environment and friends in our school, but as soon as I got used to the environment and friends, my moods and spirit came back. Early this month, I made new friends, who have really helped me overcome some major challenges that I face in my life like giving up easily. I would like to appreciate the support I get from Kilimanjaro Initiative and Phoenix Design Aid Foundation thank you for giving me the chance - I really appreciate it.


At the moment, I am volunteering with New Life children’s home. You can find information about them here:

Generally, I am doing fine. Sometime back I was feeling a bit lost and misplaced in my own life but I managed to sort through my feelings.

Earlier this month, a new friend I made at the JENGA V workshop invited me to a seminar held at the UN grounds organized by an organization called Global Trauma Project. The organizers spoke about LEADERSHIP, LEARNING AND TRAUMA. I was very glad to be a part of it.


I am volunteering with New Life children’s home at the moment and you can read more about them at this website:

I am generally doing okay. I will be attending the JENGA V International training workshop from the 1st to 3rd of February so I am looking forward to that. I hope to learn a lot from it as it touches on what I am studying in school. I want to thank Kilimanjaro Initiative for sponsoring the training.


I am volunteering for New Life children’s home at the moment. You can read more about them @

Generally, I’m great, turned a year older, looking forward to next year with renewed hope of a better future and life, probably say goodbye to some things and come up with new resolutions.


I am currently volunteering with New Life children’s home. You can read more about them at

Last week I spent the weekend at the Children’s home, I grew up in. It was fun hanging out with the kids and hearing about their experiences in life and in school. It was also nice seeing my kid sister, whom I will pick up by the end of my semester exams. I will be spending a week or so with her.

I’m generally alright in my private life, although I am a bit frustrated that I haven’t found a job yet. However, I am hopeful that something will come up soon.


SeptemberThe unit course has been interesting and challenging. From the experience, I have gotten from them, I am sure that my future is now shaped. This semester, assignments have been plenty with a thorough revision and research. From this, I was able to achieve courage and determination to do my final KNEC examination smoothly. The exam was average and familiar.

I also most sincerely thank my teachers for all the effort they have showed since the beginning. They have been of great assistance through guidance and their mentorship skills.

It was a busy month for me, so I did not do any community activity.

I am generally fine and doing well here in the city. I am also happy.


I am volunteering with New Life Children’s Home at the moment.

Being surrounded by all those beautiful helpless babies at New Life Children’s Home has given me a reason to smile again, and the emptiness I was feeling in my heart has been filled. Taking care of them has filled me with so much joy. I am very pleased to be a part of it. I could have taken photos but it is not allowed. All I am saying is that, my mood and spirits are soaring as high as the skies at the moment and that’s all I’m asking for.


We have done a series of assignments. They mainly focus on familiarizing with the topic covered. The assignments give me the courage and confidence to tackle the final exam. My teachers have always been of great assistance to my studies. I thank them all for the devotion and commitment they have given me, while modelling and shaping my future.

During the past month, I have taken part in community activities, covering student association gatherings/meetings, youth sports in the community and the general election in Kenya.

I’m doing well. I am happy and enjoying life in and out of school. It has been a busy and noisy month for all Kenyans because of the general elections. But, we thank God that all went well, and I have now returned to the city strong and cheerful, ready for my last round here in school. I am also happy for the support I receive from the Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation. I appreciate it so much. Thank you!


On academics, I concentrate on my lectures in preparation for the KNEC examination, which is due September. This term, I have prepared a series of assignments. I am done with mid-semester exams, including handing in my project and attachment report after it was verified by the school panel.

I thank my intellectual teachers for their great work. They have always been monitoring my progress in academics. Because of them, I am motivated to achieve more and more in my studies.

I have attended various community activities in which during the past month, including attending gathering & meetings, attending youth sports in the community and visiting children homes with my fellow students.

I am doing well, and for now my spirits are high. Generally, I am enjoying life in and out of school. I am also happy that I only have a few month left until the end of semester, where I will be sitting for my end-term-exams. This leads me to achieve an important goal. So, I am all good and thankful.


During June, I have not taken part in any community activities due to time pressure. However, I visited Maisha Mema Children’s home, and spent time with the kids and my foster parents. We had a great time together. I also hanged out with my baby sister, who was home for her mid-term break from school. That was a nice weekend, and I was very happy.

I am doing well, and always keep a positive attitude. I am really enjoying my mentorship interactions with my mentor Peninna. It is one of the weekly highlights.


Assignment wise, I am doing my mid-semester examination. Exams are average and cover mostly what we have been learning this term. We have also been doing a series of sitting and take away assignments - mainly to enhance the level of understanding the topic covered.

Our teachers have been busy, tirelessly guiding students on their studies. On my field studies, they have been of great help, giving me proper supervision. With this effort, I now have the courage to be competent in acquiring and implementing new skills in the field market.

This month, I have participated in student association gatherings/meetings, youth sports in the community and visiting children homes with my fellow students.

I am doing well in terms of mood and spirit. Being a religious person, I depend mostly on the scriptures to keep my spirits high. The support that I have received from the Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation leaves me in a good mood at all times. Being in a good mood motivates me to study hard and act as a successful and useful person in society. Thank you.


I have not had time to participate in any community activities. I have been very busy with school and work that I have put everything else on hold. It sucks but it will get better. Small sacrifices I have to make.

I am doing well and taking each day one at a time.

I am gaining so much from my mentor, and I am really enjoying our sessions. Tomorrow, 1 June, is a public holiday and my colleagues and I are attending a picnic organized by Koroga Festival at Nairobi National Park. We are going to have so much fun and it will be a good time to catch up on social topics with friends and good food.


The industrial attachment has given me a real picture of what is required in the field. We have done a series of assignments - mostly based on the topic covered. Now we are doing mid-semester examinations, which are matched with the end semester exam.

The industrial attachment has given me a real picture of what is required in the field. We have done a series of assignments - mostly based on the topic covered. Now we are doing mid-semester examinations, which are matched with the end semester exam.

Teachers have also been very active. They encourage discipline and punctuality during lectures. In case of clarity, they are always ready to help.

During this past month, I have been playing sport, engaged in boxing competitions, music concerts and visited children homes with my fellow students.

I am generally doing well here in the city. For now, things are looking up for me. I am so happy and in good mood. I thank the Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation for the support offered to me. May God bless you.


I have not had time to participate in any community activities.

I’m doing alright. I moved from my old apartment to a new area, and it is nice. I really needed the change, because I feel trapped when I stay in the same place or do the same things for a long period.

I am very excited about the mentorship program, and I had my first face-to-face meeting with my mentor Peninna through Skype. She is amazing and I have a feeling that I am really going to enjoy working with her. I had been waiting for a very long time for this program to be implemented and now that it has, I want to see the end-results of it all.


Am taking six units this term. As for the course outline, the term is going to be busy. Already during the beginning of the term, we have done some assignments based on the topics covered. We base these mostly on open discussion forums during leisure time. Discussion forums give room for participation of each individual, thus enhancing syllabus coverage within the time scheduled.

Our teachers have reacted positively. They have started the semester on time, and their social approach has made students create a good rapport with teachers.

I have also had a good start working with the Kilimanjaro Initiative office, which I am enjoying. Thanks to Tim for the favor

During the past month, I have been playing sports, attended community celebrations, dinners and visited children homes with my fellow students.

I am generally fine and doing well here in the city. Life in and out of school started well for me. Everything is going well and I see three quarters of my course is already covered. This makes me feel motivated and in high spirit, knowing that I will soon have a bright future. Generally, I would like to thank Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation for the support offered to me. I work day and night in order to prepare a bright future for society and myself. May God bless you for your support.


I have been very busy with school and work. So my social life is really being affected although its only temporarily. So I am not complaining. I haven’t had the chance to engage in any community activities, although my class is arranging for us to visit a children’s home in Kibera called Inua Mimi Children’s Centre. I am looking forward to that.

I am doing all right in life. I went to visit my kid sister, who will be in High school by the 17th of this month. She was really happy to see me. It was their academic day in school, where the kids and the parents get to interact with teachers on a one-on-one basis, discussing their performance, weaknesses and general stuff. I had missed her so much, and it was really nice seeing her again. Looking forward to when the schools closes. Then I will get to really hang out with her.


On the side of courses, the units have been good. We have managed to cover the syllabus within time. This created enough time for revisions, thus enhanced better understanding of the course. We have also managed to do our final exams well and submitted assignments during the learning session. Now I am dealing with the project proposal with the assistance from the supervisor. This is the guideline part of my project, which I am preparing to present to the panel by mid-June. Our intellectual teachers have also been in the front line in assisting on both in class sessions and assignments. They have always been available in times of need. We give Mighty thanks for the great skill they have shown throughout the semester.

This month, I have attended youth sports in the community and visited children homes with my fellow students.

The teachers have been very useful - both in class and outside. In terms of punctuality, standards are very high and they always guide students and facilitate understanding.

I am generally fine and doing well. My life for now is full of new encounters both good and bad. I deal with every situation on hand positively. What keeps my spirit and mood high is that I always have ways to solve issues affecting my life. Generally, I would like to thank the Kilimanjaro Initiative and the PDAid Foundation for the support offered to me. I work day and night in order to prepare a bright future for myself and society as a whole. May God bless you for your support.


I like the courses they are offering. I thought it would be just Psychology, but then they included the rest and I am actually glad because I have always wanted to do a course on HIV/AIDS - especially because my mother died from it.

I cannot say much about my teachers yet, but I like my Entrepreneurship lecturer. He really knows how to engage and involve everyone in his lessons. My HIV/AIDS lecturer is great too. He really helped me catch up with the rest of the class because I joined in later than everyone else did.

I attended the Golf tournament and boxing event organized by KI and UNFCU. It was very motivational and the attendance was great - especially at the golf tournament

I am doing well, compared to the last month. Some of my resolutions are yet to come true so I am just hanging in there. Overall, I am very grateful and extremely happy that I am back in school. I had really been looking forward to that. I am looking forward to the next chapter ahead.

It was very nice seeing Dennis, Tim and Elizabeth as well as the KI staff and the rest of the people. It had been my first visit to Kibera and there was not much difference from where I grew up. I felt like I was walking down memory lane.

Thank you for that experience.


The courses have been good. We have already covered all units and now is revision as I prepare for the end of the semester examination, which will happen after two weeks.

The teachers have been very useful - both in class and outside. In terms of punctuality, standards are very high and they always guide students and facilitate understanding.

We are done with mid semester examination (CATS) and are now preparing for end of semester exams. The CATS were average and teachers provided supervision. The exams test whether one has understood the unit covered.

Unfortunately, I did not attend any community activity this month

I am fine and doing well. My life story currently is a worthy one. Regardless the difficulties I still take life positively. My moods and spirit have been low since receiving the bad news from the family that my grandfather is no more. He passed away on 4 February 2017. The news did affect me mentally since the old man was the only person I called a father in the plains. I would like to thank him for everything he has taught me. May his soul rest in peace.

I thank the words of God that always keep me moving during stressful times and when I am in a bad mood. I seek refuge in the words of God and try my best to be in good terms with everyone close to me. I work hard every day to keep my dreams alive. Overall, I am a happy man. I stay focused and feel appreciative for all the support I get from the Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation.


I visited a children’s home near my home to enquire if I can volunteer once a week. They told me to await feedback so that’s what I am doing. This involves taking care of months old babies that have been abandoned by their parents or those left in hospitals after birth. I am really looking forward to hearing from them. Some of these kids are HIV+ and it makes me sad that a mother left them at that defenseless state. I am however very proud of those who take care of them. That’s why I want to be a part of it.

I am neither great neither that bad. Let’s just say that this has been a disappointing month and that I am looking forward to the next one. I hope that things will be better.


In regards to courses, this semester we are mainly dealing with project as a unit plus other units. Everyone is assigned a supervisor, who spearhead students in collecting data and results as per his or her topic of interest. We are also provided assignments in the units covered. Some include open forum discussions in class and after classes and questions for research in the library. We also have midterm examinations and end of term examinations, which mainly focuses on ones understanding on the topics covered. The two are averaged to give the final grade. The teachers are also active in class as usual in their guidance of doing my project. They are always ready to help and assist in case of any question.

I have undertaken a range of community activities during the past month, including dinners prepare, serve, cleanup, attending youth sports in the community, community celebrations, and blood donation

I’m fine and doing well. The life am living currently has difficulties, but regardless of that I am living a life full of motivation. To be precise, the support that Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation offer me makes me happy and always thankful of the Almighty for bringing them into my life.

I am motivated and work hard - day and night - trying to make the life I am living meaningful. I dream of one day being a person of great help to my people. If things go well, I will selflessly be a blessing to people in the whole world.


DecemberHowever, I got invited to spend Christmas with a family of which I had a close relationship to their son, who was murdered two years ago by gangsters. Every Christmas we get together and go lay flowers on his grave, but since his brother was getting married this December, we will be doing so before New Year.

There is also the selection of youths who will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro this year. I am looking forward to that.

I am well and thinking of resolutions for 2017. Firstly, go back to school. Secondly, date somebody. Thirdly, I’m looking forward to the new year with a clear heart, focus, and setting my priorities right.
December It’s about time I cut ties with those people who have been a negativity growing up and focus on the things I had put on hold in order to accommodate others. I am going to put me first for once in my life.

On a different note, I celebrated my 27th birthday this month and I had been scared to get my back off against the wall, because then, at least then, I shouldn’t have to worry about the fall. With growing older comes responsibilities. So this is a year of taking chances for me.

DecemberFinally, my brother from another mother finally got married and the wedding was spectacular. I was honored to be a bridesmaid. I will attach a few photos for more effect.

Otherwise, I wish everyone a happy new year!


Our lecturers are both men and women of hard work. They are always there for us and we consult them during and after class. They prepare our cats and mark them, and at the end of the semester, we have our results posted online. It is through our lecturers that we get the real context of our course. Our lecturers give us assignments during the study of course. It helps us understand our classes in a better way. We do our research online to answer our assignments in a better way.

During December I have taken part in a range of community activities, including attending friends graduation ceremonies, attending youth sports in the community, attended circumcision ceremonies,

I am generally fine and doing well. I am also happy for everything I have achieved so far. It has been a busy year for me but overall I thank God, KI and PDAid Foundation, who have been behind my success throughout the year. I am a different person now. I have gained much in terms of skills and knowledge. Generally am so proud.

December is also a month where I was given a two-week break. I am glad for the family reunion in the plains. We are all fine here. We wish you a happy new year.


Early next month, I will be going to the Children’s’ home I grew up in to visit my brothers and sisters and teach the younger ones a few Christmas carols and also pick up my baby sister. I want to spend some time with her before school starts. In fact, I will be celebrating Christmas with them.

It was nice seeing Founder of the PDAid Foundation, Dennis Nielsen, earlier this month, and I am really looking forward to joining the mentoring program and to resuming school in January. I have been seriously considering applying for a better job and been updating my CV through the help of Melissa Thomsen from the PDAid Foundation, Whom I am very grateful to. Finally, I am looking forward to celebrating my friend’s wedding. He is like a brother to me. I will be a bridesmaid on his big day, and I am very excited about it.


We have performed a series of assignments during each unit. During lectures, we do sitting and take home assignments. We perform sitting assignments twice during the mid-semester as continuous assessment tests. Towards the end of the semester, we perform our main examination. We do take home assignments when finalizing each topic. We have highly trained and qualified teachers, who are always available during teaching hours. They maintain direct interaction with students and are ready to help in case we need clarification.

I have attended students’ associations’ gathering/meetings and youth sports in the community. My fellow students and I have visited children homes school trips.

I’m doing well. The weather in Kenya is hot and wet. It is raining all over the city. Trees and plants are green around the city. It is generally beautiful, and I am happy here and enjoying life both in and out of school. I am also happy for the everyday support that I get from Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation. I appreciate it so much. Thank you.


My spirits were dampened when I got back from New York. My younger brother lost his wife and their unborn child due to internal bleeding. However, life has to move on.

OctoberI finally got to meet Dennis’ wife Pia while in New York and she is amazing. We had a fun girl’s day out and and visited many sites in New York. We also volunteered in the soup kitchen for the homeless together.

I am now looking forward to living my life to the fullest without anything holding me back. Right now, the pen is in my hand and the ending is very much unplanned. Until then, the rest of my life story is still unwritten.

I would like to thank anyone who has been involved in seeing the best in me and seeing my potential, when I couldn’t even believe in myself. Everyone who placed a bet on me and said I would make it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


We are also provided with assignments at the mid and the end of every unit to test the level of understanding. During lectures, we have group discussions, which facilitate exchange of ideas especially on critical topics. Teachers are also punctual during class hours and highly skilled. They encourage a one on one discussion with students making the class lively. In times of tests, they are always available for supervision.

I have attended a variety of community activities during the month, including gatherings/meetings, youth sports in the community and visiting children’s homes with my fellow students.

I am doing well. The weather here in Kenya is hot, thus favoring most of us. I am generally enjoying life in and out of school. I am also happy that I am back to school and that everything is doing well for me here. Generally am in a good mood only focusing on the future. Thank you.


Our lecturers are hardworking people and people who have get a greater objectives of seeing us make it in life. They attend their classes fully and sign the attendance register before they leave the class. They give us cats at the middle of the semester so as to check on how we are doing since the start of the semester. Those continuous assessment test are so important as they reflect our end of semester.

We are also given assignments to tend to by our lecturers. Some of the lecturers need their assignments to be availed online. The assignments makes us to familiarize with what the lecturers teach. Some of the assignments are undertaken in group work or by individuals.

I am generally doing well here. September was a good month for me, I was lucky to have earn a two break out of school(holiday) that was on 16 September 2016 to 3,October 2016.

I am happy and also in a good mood to be back to the plains safe and for the reunion with my family. Currently am on the last stage of preparation to get back to the city ready for the start of the new semester, that is; 3rd October 2016. Thank you.


I am well. Was very sick and at one point I passed out in the house - and that’s when I panicked and decided to visit the hospital. The doctor recommended I get an MRI scan among other tests. My head was okay and everything appeared normal. I was relieved! However, I had Malaria and Typhoid, but I got treated and I am now okay. I am very much looking forward to my upcoming trip to the US!

Hope to meet the other youth from New York, which I climbed Kilimanjaro with. I kept in touch with them, and when I told them the news, they were very excited. I will be going to the Embassy on 2nd and I have my fingers crossed that I will get a Visa.


Regarding lectures, I believe the university has the best trained lectures. Often there are few or no complaints from students concerning lectures. Most of them are available to students for consultation. For now their lectures are enjoyable.

The lecturers give assignments as part of course work – to be done either individually or as a group. A period is given hand in hand with the deadline for submission of the assignment. Most lectures currently prefer the assignment being submitted in a typed and printed form. Others prefer online submission via email. This helps students to keep up with technology, which is a key factor in the global competitive world.

During the month, I have attended in gathering/meetings, youth sports in the community and visits to children homes with my fellow students.

I’m fine and doing well. The weather here in Kenya is cold and dry - something I have already adapted to. I am generally enjoying life both in and outside school. I am also happy that my school fee have been on time. Generally, I am in a good mood only focusing on the school.


To be honest, I have not taken part in any community activities for quite a while now. I work from Monday all through to Saturday so I have no time to engage in anything much.

I am energetic, healthy, and alive and busy working. I try to keep myself focused with positive things. I have spent a few days with my younger sister, who is the mother to my nephew and whom I hadn’t seen for quite a while. I was so happy that she was around and a great company too. Although she did not bring my nephew along, it was nice having her around. We talked at length. She talked about her struggles, how she wishes she had completed school like me and even called me her role model compared to her other siblings. Living in the ghetto, she explained how many young boys her own age have engaged in crime and abuse of drugs, how young girls are dropping out of school to get married due to poverty and how they are going to funerals almost every week as young people are dying due to police killings, mob justice or HIV and Aids. Long after she left, I couldn’t stop but think about it and how I had escaped those very things she had described to me. I consider myself quite lucky. At least I have a job, a decent home, and people who I can talk to when I feel like my back is up against the wall. Most of these kids have literally no one. They have been neglected and left to their own devise.


We are provided with assignments at the end of every topic, which include discussions, research and individuals to facilitate better understanding. Examinations are conducted twice in a semester; that is during the mid-course (CATS) and at the end of the term (MAIN EXAM).
The school has highly skilled and knowledgeable lecturers. They work tirelessly for the benefit of each individual. In case of any clarification they are always ready to assist.

I have taken part in various community activities during June, including communities gathering/meetings, digging i.e. weeding, herding, youth mentorship programme, and I have participated in Maasai (morans) rite of passage

I am doing well. I am generally happy and in a good mood, only feeling appreciative of my sponsors, Tim the president of Kilimanjaro Initiative and Dennis the founder of PDAid Foundation for making it happen. This is what always makes hopeful. It makes me put a smile on my face each and every day. Thank you!


To be honest, I have not taken part in any community activity for quite a while now. I work from Monday all through to Saturday, so I have really no time to engage in anything much.

Generally, I am doing okay. I guess a full time job has taken away everything else. I do not do as much stuff as before and don’t go out or really meet with other people. The only people I interact with are my colleagues, and every once in a while I meet up with old friends. I started writing as a way of keeping myself busy. It’s been tough on me because I’m a very social person. Otherwise, I’m alright.


We are also given assignment to undertake during the study of our course. We do some of our assignments by the help of internet and others are done practically. We submit our assignments to our lecturers after a certain period of time; some of our assignments are recorded in our results slips at the end of the semester.

Our lecturers are very hardworking and dedicated. They come to class earlier and teach us in a nice way, making sure we understand their lessons very well. They also give us examination papers which they mark and our marks are recorded.

I have taken part in various community activities during June, including community gatherings/meetings, youth sports in the community, herding, and attending fund raising in the community.

I am doing well. The weather here in Kenya is cold and dry but I have already adapted. I am generally enjoying life in school and out of school. I am also happy having completed my certificate level successfully, marking the end of my third semester.

It is a month where I was given a two week break (holiday) in school leading to the reunion with my lovely family. They are also happy and proud of me. I am currently in the process of preparing to get back to school from 4th July 2016 and start my diploma course. Thank you!


Now that I have a full time job, it’s getting harder and harder to participate in a lot of things. I really want to do more in terms of community work but I work all the way through Monday to Saturday and Sundays I do my laundry and all other cleaning stuff.

MayOn the brighter side, I help my client every day for an hour over the phone. In other words, I haven’t participated in any community activities lately. Our Youth Without Walls leader is in a very bad condition. We were to meet for a fundraising a few weeks back but it rained pretty heavily and so most of us didn’t make it. However, we send his family our little contribution to help him through kidney dialysis. We are also praying with his family for his quick recovery.

I am doing okay. Still counseling my clients. It’s just amazing how comfortable they are getting with me and how new issues are coming up.

Apart from that, I have really thought hard about my own life and the few things I need to change. I have realized that many things that happened in the past have held me back from doing things I would normally have done a long time ago. I feel that I owe it to myself to be happy and live a happy life in the future. Maybe happiness is overrated, but I want to earn every second this world has given me.


In addition, we are handed assignments for research, which is supposed to be submitted within a specified period. Some are done individually while others through group work discussions. Those done by individual effort are termed as continuers’ assessment test, completed at mid-semester and amounts to 30 % of the final examination. We have already sat for the tests and they were average. We do group work assignments daily to assess the level of the topic of study.

The teachers are highly skilled and hardworking. They arrive to classes on time and are always ready to help in case of any clarification. During class, they engage on a one on one discussion with students and give room for questions. During examination, they are always available to provide supervision. I’m generally happy and doing well. It is cold and rainy here in the city but I’m enjoying life.

I would like to appreciate the support I get from Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation; this always gives me motivation and hopes of a bright future. Thanks a lot.

Now I’m focusing on preparation for end term exams, which will commence during the next week.


I really want to do more in terms of community work but I work all the way from Monday to Saturday, and Sundays I do my laundry and other cleaning.

AprilI help my client every day for an hour over the phone. He is now opening up and talking more about his feelings and experiences. I am happy that we have come so far.

I am doing okay. I am just overwhelmed with work load, since my colleague is on leave, which means, I am doing double the work.

Apart from the rain and trees falling on the roads along the area where I live, everything else seems to be working out just fine.

Our youth leader in my group YOUTH WITHOUT WALLS is very ill and needs a liver transplant. Everyone is working hard on trying to raise funds for him. We are praying for him and hope everything works out okay.

I am really looking forward to getting more people to mentor and hope to find someone who will mentor me too.


We are presented with assignments to be undertaken individually or as a group, which sometimes makes it easier to tackle the questions. Assignments help us in the revision for the end term exams.

AprilI have to credit our lecturers. They teach us in a very good way. They put such devotion into their job and work tirelessly on preparing notes and giving us handouts to enhance our understanding.

I have taken part in the following community activities during the last month: Attending community gathering/meetings, attending a wedding and visit the disable in the community.

I’m generally fine and doing great here, only having a little fever but I guess it is due to change of climate. I thank God for being my protector always. That is, I’m in good shape and attending my every day classes as usual.

April marks the month where I commenced my third semester. I’m happy and enjoying my studies in school. Only feeling appreciative and forecasting to any step ahead towards life. Thank you.


MarchIn general, I have been okay this month. The future looks bright and although there are challenges, I am confident that I will conquer them.

Meanwhile, I moved to a new house that is closer to my work place and school. It’s a nice house, so I am happy.


My experience with assignments has been fantastic too. They have always been worth my time. Assignments have taught me how to express my ideas sufficiently in written form. They also increased my knowledge due to research, which I had undertaken before putting all ideas on paper.

MarchTeachers have been very professional. They have actually helped me to build my confidence in and outside class. Their one on one interaction with students has been up to our expectations. I hope to see more of this until I finish my studies.

As far as community activities go, I have attended community gatherings/meetings, weddings and been active herding.

I’m fine and doing well. Although, this months has been very hot here in Kenya. I was given a two week break (holiday) in school, leading to the reunion with my lovely family. They are also happy and are proud of me, and all those who made my dreams come true (KI and PDAid foundation).

Now I’m in the process of preparing myself to get back to school on April 4th.


FebruaryI am helping the kids in my community together with my youth members with their after school work, when I can.

Generally, I am doing okay. Still getting the hang of things. In terms of community service, I am working and when I get back home it is pretty late. It’s going to be even harder starting this month because I am resuming school.

I just got confirmed in my new job. I’m really excited about it.


FebruaryOn my course, I am taking five units this semester and they are average units (neither difficult nor simple) and require focus. They are exciting and fun and I am greatly enjoying my studies.

We are also provided with assignments. Some are tested at the mid-month to test the level of understanding on units. One is in process, and will sum up to 30 percent. Others are provided at the end of the semester, and will sum up to 70 percent.

The teachers are professional. They are punctual and willing to deliver the content if assistance if needed. They are available and help both during and after classes.

I’m fine and doing great. Thank God for the good health and for his day to day protection.

It is a new month, and I am happy after recovering from last months incident. Now I am only focusing on building my future.

I’m also happy and in good spirit after the invitation to the Kilimanjaro Initiative’s 10th Anniversary celebrations. Being among the lucky who attended the celebration, I was happy to meet my sponsors Tim (Kilimanjaro Initiative) and Dennis (PDAid Foundation). I am proud to know you. Thank you.


JanuaryUnfortunately, I was attending evening classes and it was hard to attend my group activities since the time was colliding.

Generally am doing well. My spirits are high and I am ready to explore this year’s highs and lows.

I can’t complain much about life in general because there is no point in complaining; life will always be what it is. One needs to adjust.


Teachers are willing to assist students. They keep time in attending classes and they show seriousness, as they will not allow late coming students to interrupt the process of learning in class.

It is now a new year with the month of January – a year, which I personally have a strong belief, will be a year of success. I really thank God for his protection and favors now that I’m fine and doing great in focusing on the steps ahead towards a better life. I started the month with a high mood now that I’m back in school ready for my second semester, which I started well with my school fees cleared and my personal needs also settled. I would like to deeply thank the Kilimanjaro Initiative and Phoenix Design Aid Foundation for always supporting me. Thanks a lot.

With all this enjoyment, I was shocked that the month didn’t end well for me as expected. On Friday 22 January in the morning, I woke up early as usual ready to attend my morning classes. On the way to school, two men attacked me. They took my only nice phone and some cash (for personal use). But thank God that I was not hurt in the process. The act did confuse me. It affected me both mentally and physically for a whole week. It even lead me to hate Nairobi and life in this city. Why me? Thanks to Dennis (PDAid Foundation founder) words “NEVER GIVE UP” back at the 2014 Kilimanjaro Climb, I was encouraged that in this world or as a man I should never give up. We should always fight for the better of our future. Again referring to Tim’s (KI president) attack in Nairobi, he never gave up despite being in a new country and a new city. Instead, he went ahead and made his goals and dreams come true. Thanks to them, I am now only focusing on my studies.


Teachers were very friendly and well skilled. They use varied methods to deliver their contents to scholars.

The month of December was a month of good and bad things for me. At the beginning of the month I was down and very sick, thus hindering me from attending community activities. I thank God that it didn’t take long before I got well - only lacking appetite to date. Now am in high mood and in good spirit after the weeks of celebrations with family and friends. Generally, I am doing well and humble and highly appreciative of any step ahead.


OctoberGenerally, my life has been just normal. No major drama or anything I couldn't handle. As for my group Youth without Walls, I explained everything as to why I couldn't participate in the activities with them until the end of this month. I am glad they understood me. All I am focused on right now is completing school and focusing on passing my examination. That’s where my energy is at right now. Otherwise, my classmates and Facilitators are supportive and amazing.

I want to thank everyone who have been involved in this amazing journey from the bottom of my heart. I want them to know that they have given me hope. Hold my hand through this journey. Until next time.


I have also achieved great exposure; I have great friends with whom I share great ideas in school and outside school. Am doing great in my studies. I always attend three classes every day. Professors are also good with great skills of teaching hence I find it very interesting attending their classes. For now, we have done many assignments from all the units and we are preparing for the assessment test, which will start in a week’s time. Life here at school is very good apart from challenges such as high standard of living.

Through a group composed of some elites from my community, we have formed an organization called Kuku Youth Alliance, which main agenda is unity and education. We move from one region to another preaching to the youth on the benefits of education.


We have had several assignments that involved self-discovery and it was a hard journey for me. This week we were dealing with the Theories of Counseling but we had to do it as a group. We are still working on it so I will talk more about it after the presentation.

I have been so busy, especially with the schoolwork, so I haven't been very active in my community and especially in my group Youth Without Walls (YWW). My course involves a lot of research and consultation and because of this, I rarely get time to participate in my group's activities as much as I would like to. Besides, classes and time used on group activities is another issue. I take the evening classes, so by the time I get home my group has already closed office. I feel very bad about it.

The KI staff has been most supportive and really involved. They gave me an opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and that’s an experience I will always treasure. Thank you for making sure that I finally went to school.  Many thanks go to Dennis Nielsen of PDAid Foundation and his team that has worked tirelessly to make my dreams come true. Thank you for taking me to school and for the financial assistance.  At least I have one less thing to worry about.