I really want to do more in terms of community work but I work all the way from Monday to Saturday, and Sundays I do my laundry and other cleaning.

AprilI help my client every day for an hour over the phone. He is now opening up and talking more about his feelings and experiences. I am happy that we have come so far.

I am doing okay. I am just overwhelmed with work load, since my colleague is on leave, which means, I am doing double the work.

Apart from the rain and trees falling on the roads along the area where I live, everything else seems to be working out just fine.

Our youth leader in my group YOUTH WITHOUT WALLS is very ill and needs a liver transplant. Everyone is working hard on trying to raise funds for him. We are praying for him and hope everything works out okay.

I am really looking forward to getting more people to mentor and hope to find someone who will mentor me too.


We are presented with assignments to be undertaken individually or as a group, which sometimes makes it easier to tackle the questions. Assignments help us in the revision for the end term exams.

AprilI have to credit our lecturers. They teach us in a very good way. They put such devotion into their job and work tirelessly on preparing notes and giving us handouts to enhance our understanding.

I have taken part in the following community activities during the last month: Attending community gathering/meetings, attending a wedding and visit the disable in the community.

I’m generally fine and doing great here, only having a little fever but I guess it is due to change of climate. I thank God for being my protector always. That is, I’m in good shape and attending my every day classes as usual.

April marks the month where I commenced my third semester. I’m happy and enjoying my studies in school. Only feeling appreciative and forecasting to any step ahead towards life. Thank you.