I am well. Was very sick and at one point I passed out in the house - and that’s when I panicked and decided to visit the hospital. The doctor recommended I get an MRI scan among other tests. My head was okay and everything appeared normal. I was relieved! However, I had Malaria and Typhoid, but I got treated and I am now okay. I am very much looking forward to my upcoming trip to the US!

Hope to meet the other youth from New York, which I climbed Kilimanjaro with. I kept in touch with them, and when I told them the news, they were very excited. I will be going to the Embassy on 2nd and I have my fingers crossed that I will get a Visa.


Regarding lectures, I believe the university has the best trained lectures. Often there are few or no complaints from students concerning lectures. Most of them are available to students for consultation. For now their lectures are enjoyable.

The lecturers give assignments as part of course work – to be done either individually or as a group. A period is given hand in hand with the deadline for submission of the assignment. Most lectures currently prefer the assignment being submitted in a typed and printed form. Others prefer online submission via email. This helps students to keep up with technology, which is a key factor in the global competitive world.

During the month, I have attended in gathering/meetings, youth sports in the community and visits to children homes with my fellow students.

I’m fine and doing well. The weather here in Kenya is cold and dry - something I have already adapted to. I am generally enjoying life both in and outside school. I am also happy that my school fee have been on time. Generally, I am in a good mood only focusing on the school.