I visited a children’s home near my home to enquire if I can volunteer once a week. They told me to await feedback so that’s what I am doing. This involves taking care of months old babies that have been abandoned by their parents or those left in hospitals after birth. I am really looking forward to hearing from them. Some of these kids are HIV+ and it makes me sad that a mother left them at that defenseless state. I am however very proud of those who take care of them. That’s why I want to be a part of it.

I am neither great neither that bad. Let’s just say that this has been a disappointing month and that I am looking forward to the next one. I hope that things will be better.


In regards to courses, this semester we are mainly dealing with project as a unit plus other units. Everyone is assigned a supervisor, who spearhead students in collecting data and results as per his or her topic of interest. We are also provided assignments in the units covered. Some include open forum discussions in class and after classes and questions for research in the library. We also have midterm examinations and end of term examinations, which mainly focuses on ones understanding on the topics covered. The two are averaged to give the final grade. The teachers are also active in class as usual in their guidance of doing my project. They are always ready to help and assist in case of any question.

I have undertaken a range of community activities during the past month, including dinners prepare, serve, cleanup, attending youth sports in the community, community celebrations, and blood donation

I’m fine and doing well. The life am living currently has difficulties, but regardless of that I am living a life full of motivation. To be precise, the support that Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation offer me makes me happy and always thankful of the Almighty for bringing them into my life.

I am motivated and work hard - day and night - trying to make the life I am living meaningful. I dream of one day being a person of great help to my people. If things go well, I will selflessly be a blessing to people in the whole world.