JanuaryUnfortunately, I was attending evening classes and it was hard to attend my group activities since the time was colliding.

Generally am doing well. My spirits are high and I am ready to explore this year’s highs and lows.

I can’t complain much about life in general because there is no point in complaining; life will always be what it is. One needs to adjust.


Teachers are willing to assist students. They keep time in attending classes and they show seriousness, as they will not allow late coming students to interrupt the process of learning in class.

It is now a new year with the month of January – a year, which I personally have a strong belief, will be a year of success. I really thank God for his protection and favors now that I’m fine and doing great in focusing on the steps ahead towards a better life. I started the month with a high mood now that I’m back in school ready for my second semester, which I started well with my school fees cleared and my personal needs also settled. I would like to deeply thank the Kilimanjaro Initiative and Phoenix Design Aid Foundation for always supporting me. Thanks a lot.

With all this enjoyment, I was shocked that the month didn’t end well for me as expected. On Friday 22 January in the morning, I woke up early as usual ready to attend my morning classes. On the way to school, two men attacked me. They took my only nice phone and some cash (for personal use). But thank God that I was not hurt in the process. The act did confuse me. It affected me both mentally and physically for a whole week. It even lead me to hate Nairobi and life in this city. Why me? Thanks to Dennis (PDAid Foundation founder) words “NEVER GIVE UP” back at the 2014 Kilimanjaro Climb, I was encouraged that in this world or as a man I should never give up. We should always fight for the better of our future. Again referring to Tim’s (KI president) attack in Nairobi, he never gave up despite being in a new country and a new city. Instead, he went ahead and made his goals and dreams come true. Thanks to them, I am now only focusing on my studies.