To be honest, I have not taken part in any community activities for quite a while now. I work from Monday all through to Saturday so I have no time to engage in anything much.

I am energetic, healthy, and alive and busy working. I try to keep myself focused with positive things. I have spent a few days with my younger sister, who is the mother to my nephew and whom I hadn’t seen for quite a while. I was so happy that she was around and a great company too. Although she did not bring my nephew along, it was nice having her around. We talked at length. She talked about her struggles, how she wishes she had completed school like me and even called me her role model compared to her other siblings. Living in the ghetto, she explained how many young boys her own age have engaged in crime and abuse of drugs, how young girls are dropping out of school to get married due to poverty and how they are going to funerals almost every week as young people are dying due to police killings, mob justice or HIV and Aids. Long after she left, I couldn’t stop but think about it and how I had escaped those very things she had described to me. I consider myself quite lucky. At least I have a job, a decent home, and people who I can talk to when I feel like my back is up against the wall. Most of these kids have literally no one. They have been neglected and left to their own devise.


We are provided with assignments at the end of every topic, which include discussions, research and individuals to facilitate better understanding. Examinations are conducted twice in a semester; that is during the mid-course (CATS) and at the end of the term (MAIN EXAM).
The school has highly skilled and knowledgeable lecturers. They work tirelessly for the benefit of each individual. In case of any clarification they are always ready to assist.

I have taken part in various community activities during June, including communities gathering/meetings, digging i.e. weeding, herding, youth mentorship programme, and I have participated in Maasai (morans) rite of passage

I am doing well. I am generally happy and in a good mood, only feeling appreciative of my sponsors, Tim the president of Kilimanjaro Initiative and Dennis the founder of PDAid Foundation for making it happen. This is what always makes hopeful. It makes me put a smile on my face each and every day. Thank you!