To be honest, I have not taken part in any community activity for quite a while now. I work from Monday all through to Saturday, so I have really no time to engage in anything much.

Generally, I am doing okay. I guess a full time job has taken away everything else. I do not do as much stuff as before and don’t go out or really meet with other people. The only people I interact with are my colleagues, and every once in a while I meet up with old friends. I started writing as a way of keeping myself busy. It’s been tough on me because I’m a very social person. Otherwise, I’m alright.


We are also given assignment to undertake during the study of our course. We do some of our assignments by the help of internet and others are done practically. We submit our assignments to our lecturers after a certain period of time; some of our assignments are recorded in our results slips at the end of the semester.

Our lecturers are very hardworking and dedicated. They come to class earlier and teach us in a nice way, making sure we understand their lessons very well. They also give us examination papers which they mark and our marks are recorded.

I have taken part in various community activities during June, including community gatherings/meetings, youth sports in the community, herding, and attending fund raising in the community.

I am doing well. The weather here in Kenya is cold and dry but I have already adapted. I am generally enjoying life in school and out of school. I am also happy having completed my certificate level successfully, marking the end of my third semester.

It is a month where I was given a two week break (holiday) in school leading to the reunion with my lovely family. They are also happy and proud of me. I am currently in the process of preparing to get back to school from 4th July 2016 and start my diploma course. Thank you!