MarchIn general, I have been okay this month. The future looks bright and although there are challenges, I am confident that I will conquer them.

Meanwhile, I moved to a new house that is closer to my work place and school. It’s a nice house, so I am happy.


My experience with assignments has been fantastic too. They have always been worth my time. Assignments have taught me how to express my ideas sufficiently in written form. They also increased my knowledge due to research, which I had undertaken before putting all ideas on paper.

MarchTeachers have been very professional. They have actually helped me to build my confidence in and outside class. Their one on one interaction with students has been up to our expectations. I hope to see more of this until I finish my studies.

As far as community activities go, I have attended community gatherings/meetings, weddings and been active herding.

I’m fine and doing well. Although, this months has been very hot here in Kenya. I was given a two week break (holiday) in school, leading to the reunion with my lovely family. They are also happy and are proud of me, and all those who made my dreams come true (KI and PDAid foundation).

Now I’m in the process of preparing myself to get back to school on April 4th.