Now that I have a full time job, it’s getting harder and harder to participate in a lot of things. I really want to do more in terms of community work but I work all the way through Monday to Saturday and Sundays I do my laundry and all other cleaning stuff.

MayOn the brighter side, I help my client every day for an hour over the phone. In other words, I haven’t participated in any community activities lately. Our Youth Without Walls leader is in a very bad condition. We were to meet for a fundraising a few weeks back but it rained pretty heavily and so most of us didn’t make it. However, we send his family our little contribution to help him through kidney dialysis. We are also praying with his family for his quick recovery.

I am doing okay. Still counseling my clients. It’s just amazing how comfortable they are getting with me and how new issues are coming up.

Apart from that, I have really thought hard about my own life and the few things I need to change. I have realized that many things that happened in the past have held me back from doing things I would normally have done a long time ago. I feel that I owe it to myself to be happy and live a happy life in the future. Maybe happiness is overrated, but I want to earn every second this world has given me.


In addition, we are handed assignments for research, which is supposed to be submitted within a specified period. Some are done individually while others through group work discussions. Those done by individual effort are termed as continuers’ assessment test, completed at mid-semester and amounts to 30 % of the final examination. We have already sat for the tests and they were average. We do group work assignments daily to assess the level of the topic of study.

The teachers are highly skilled and hardworking. They arrive to classes on time and are always ready to help in case of any clarification. During class, they engage on a one on one discussion with students and give room for questions. During examination, they are always available to provide supervision. I’m generally happy and doing well. It is cold and rainy here in the city but I’m enjoying life.

I would like to appreciate the support I get from Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation; this always gives me motivation and hopes of a bright future. Thanks a lot.

Now I’m focusing on preparation for end term exams, which will commence during the next week.