Early next month, I will be going to the Children’s’ home I grew up in to visit my brothers and sisters and teach the younger ones a few Christmas carols and also pick up my baby sister. I want to spend some time with her before school starts. In fact, I will be celebrating Christmas with them.

It was nice seeing Founder of the PDAid Foundation, Dennis Nielsen, earlier this month, and I am really looking forward to joining the mentoring program and to resuming school in January. I have been seriously considering applying for a better job and been updating my CV through the help of Melissa Thomsen from the PDAid Foundation, Whom I am very grateful to. Finally, I am looking forward to celebrating my friend’s wedding. He is like a brother to me. I will be a bridesmaid on his big day, and I am very excited about it.


We have performed a series of assignments during each unit. During lectures, we do sitting and take home assignments. We perform sitting assignments twice during the mid-semester as continuous assessment tests. Towards the end of the semester, we perform our main examination. We do take home assignments when finalizing each topic. We have highly trained and qualified teachers, who are always available during teaching hours. They maintain direct interaction with students and are ready to help in case we need clarification.

I have attended students’ associations’ gathering/meetings and youth sports in the community. My fellow students and I have visited children homes school trips.

I’m doing well. The weather in Kenya is hot and wet. It is raining all over the city. Trees and plants are green around the city. It is generally beautiful, and I am happy here and enjoying life both in and out of school. I am also happy for the everyday support that I get from Kilimanjaro Initiative and PDAid Foundation. I appreciate it so much. Thank you.