OctoberGenerally, my life has been just normal. No major drama or anything I couldn't handle. As for my group Youth without Walls, I explained everything as to why I couldn't participate in the activities with them until the end of this month. I am glad they understood me. All I am focused on right now is completing school and focusing on passing my examination. That’s where my energy is at right now. Otherwise, my classmates and Facilitators are supportive and amazing.

I want to thank everyone who have been involved in this amazing journey from the bottom of my heart. I want them to know that they have given me hope. Hold my hand through this journey. Until next time.


I have also achieved great exposure; I have great friends with whom I share great ideas in school and outside school. Am doing great in my studies. I always attend three classes every day. Professors are also good with great skills of teaching hence I find it very interesting attending their classes. For now, we have done many assignments from all the units and we are preparing for the assessment test, which will start in a week’s time. Life here at school is very good apart from challenges such as high standard of living.

Through a group composed of some elites from my community, we have formed an organization called Kuku Youth Alliance, which main agenda is unity and education. We move from one region to another preaching to the youth on the benefits of education.