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The Board of Directors in PDAid Foundation

The purpose with the Board is to lead the PDAid Foundation, manage the finances, set the mission and vision of the association and make sure that it is reflected in its work with education of young mentees.


Dennis Lundø Nielsen
Board member
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Tine Arensbach Nielsen



Jes Weyhe Grønbæk
Board member


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Louise Lund Harpøth
Board member


Anders Mortensen

Bjørn Aksel Simonsen
Board member


Karen Balling Radmer
Board member


Through education, financial means, personal communication and mentorships, the PDAid Foundation supports young talents in becoming agents of positive change in the corporate and societal management of the future.

Financial support cannot stand alone, as young people must experience first-hand mentorship from adult leaders and role models. Therefore, each individual mentor is prepared to share his/her experience and opinions as a leader and role model, thus inspiring to corporate social responsibility, sustainable management and a democratic mind-set.

The concept of the PDAid Foundation stems from the collaboration initiated through the ‘Kilimanjaro Initiative’ NGO in Kenya, involving young leadership talents. The underlying idea of the ’PDAid Foundation’ was initiated during founders Pia Nielsen and Dennis Nielsen’s meeting with young people enrolled in the ‘Kilimanjaro Initiative’. During their one-week climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, they spent hours exchanging plans for the future, personal goals and ideas. It became clear to them that these were young people – like so many others from disadvantaged communities – who possessed a distinctive talent and motivation to make a positive impact on their communities.

It was through this meeting between people of widely opposing backgrounds and living conditions, Pia Nielsen and Dennis Nielsen started developing a concept for sponsorship and mentoring, thus extending the Kilimanjaro Initiative to a broader and more global range of young talents.

“Unfortunately, young people with limited opportunities and means are restricted to make full use of their potential. I have come to realize that only through the right education and training these young people will be able to obtain positions in their communities in which their talent can flourish and eventually allow them to contribute to local development”.
- Founder, Dennis Lundø Nielsen

Achieving ongoing and viable improvements in growth, democracy and human rights in disadvantaged communities, calls for a strengthening within. Building on this conviction it was determined that a foundation, offering a structured, global, talent, support program, was the efficient way of progressing.

The PDAid Foundation aims to improve local conditions through talent development in disadvantaged communities.

How? Through a structured and global support program for talented youth in disadvantaged communities.
It is the founding belief that growth, democracy and human rights in disadvantaged communities calls for local strengthening, which creates and ensures ongoing and viable improvements.

The PDAid Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support and guide young talents in the developing countries who need support to complete an

As part of its work, the foundation may seek to raise funds to fulfill the foundation's purpose through sponsorships, applications for foundations and applications on public funds, international organizations, etc.

The PDAid Foundation aims to function and coordinate on a project basis.

The purpose of the foundation is to support and guide young talents in the developing countries who need support to complete an education.

The actual work of the foundation will revolve around the task of locating young, talented individuals and matching them with suitable mentors.

The foundation ensures establishment of a plan of action for each individual participant, including education, a mentorship programme and financial support.

To the extent possible, the PDAid Foundation explores support opportunities from public and corporate sources.

The PDAid Foundation serves on a non-profit basis.

The PDAid Foundation Code of Conduct comprises our guidelines for issues relating to corporate social responsibility. It determines best practice for our employees and the organization as a whole. View our Code of Conduct.


Sharon Wambui
18 years old, Kenyan

In July 2018, Sharon started a course in Pastry and bakery. Sharon was born and raised in Kibera slums in Nairobi and had to cope with poverty and lack of school fees as the biggest challenges. Sharon is eager to help fellow youth in her community to cope with post-traumatic stress as a beneficiary of Kilimanjaro Initiative psychosocial support program (PSS), and she feel “privileged to be part of this foundation


John Senteu Letite
24 year old Kenyan

In October 2015, John started a business management course. John believes the course in management will get him closer to his goal of creating a sustainable business in his local neighborhood. Yet John has further aspirations for his future, namely to “become a community health worker”. John further states: “due to the poor standards of living from my people, it has urged me to have an ambition of at least bringing my community to a better level.


Benedetta Mbeneka
25 year old Kenyan

In September 2015, Benedetta started a course on counseling and management. Having experienced traumatic experiences in her young life, Benedetta is keen to provide support to youth who suffer from post-traumatic stress, a condition that receives limited consideration in the development of informal settlements. Benedetta feels "honored and privileged to be a part of this amazing foundation", and that she is very excited about finally getting a chance to “change her life forever” when starting her education within psychological counseling.

Kilimanjaro InitiativeThe Kilimanjaro Initiative acts as the local partner to the PDAid Foundation with expertise within local logistics.

The Kilimanjaro Initiative (KI) is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) headquartered in the Republic of Kenya.

KI has a vision to become an organization that is widely recognized in the field of urban safety development, and respected for being: allinclusive; active; and innovative - as it develops and competes, with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency, a wide range of youth-based community activities in East Africa and beyond.

The main objective of KI is to encourage young people to have self-belief and to assist in providing opportunities that will enable them to take on a constructive role in their communities. As a key feature of its activities, KI organizes an annual ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the African continent.

Please visit the Kilimanjaro Initiative website for further information (http://kiworld.org/).

Building on a solid collaboration with the Kilimanjaro Initiative as the local partner, the PDAid Foundation seeks further collaboration with private and public sponsors, relevant organizations and NGOs in order to locate suitable talents, sponsors and mentors – the latter primarily from the private business world.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to act as advisors to the Board on various topics. Each member of the Advisory Board has some different qualities that the Board can draw on for guidance and consultancy in different contexts.



Dennis Lundø Nielsen
Phoenix Design Aid Representative


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Pia Lisa Bakkestrøm Nielsen
Phoenix Design Aid Representative




Timothy Challen
NGO Representative

Representing insight into NGO approaches and NGO collaboration. 



Per Bach
Business Driven CSR Representative

Representing insight into the CSR business
approach combined with insight into the
PDAid Foundation strategy.

Anders Mortensen

Anders Hübertz Mortensen
Financial Advisor


Susanne Østergaard
Secretariat Director

Tom Thinggaard Pedersen

Mentoring Representative


Margaret Koli

Margaret Koli

Benedetta Mbeneka

Benedetta Mbeneka
Project Assistant



Sophie Jones

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