Sharon Wambui
18 years old, Kenyan

In July 2018, Sharon started a course in Pastry and bakery. Sharon was born and raised in Kibera slums in Nairobi and had to cope with poverty and lack of school fees as the biggest challenges. Sharon is eager to help fellow youth in her community to cope with post-traumatic stress as a beneficiary of Kilimanjaro Initiative psychosocial support program (PSS), and she feel “privileged to be part of this foundation


John Senteu Letite
24 year old Kenyan

In October 2015, John started a business management course. John believes the course in management will get him closer to his goal of creating a sustainable business in his local neighborhood. Yet John has further aspirations for his future, namely to “become a community health worker”. John further states: “due to the poor standards of living from my people, it has urged me to have an ambition of at least bringing my community to a better level.


Benedetta Mbeneka
25 year old Kenyan

In September 2015, Benedetta started a course on counseling and management. Having experienced traumatic experiences in her young life, Benedetta is keen to provide support to youth who suffer from post-traumatic stress, a condition that receives limited consideration in the development of informal settlements. Benedetta feels "honored and privileged to be a part of this amazing foundation", and that she is very excited about finally getting a chance to “change her life forever” when starting her education within psychological counseling.