After years of collaborating with universities and international programs supporting efforts of sustainable leadership, the Danish SME, Phoenix Design Aid A/S (PDA) now expands its CSR mindset to a global level. This February, PDA will launch the 'PDA Foundation A/S' - a structured, global, talent, support program, based on sponsorship and mentoring with a focus to develop burgeoning, young talent in developing communities.

Danish SME Phoenix Design Aid (PDA) announces the launch of its newly established 'PDA Foundation A/S' on 27 February 2015 during the formal event Nairobi Pre-Climb Event in Kenya. The foundation cooperates with local NGOs in developing countries on talent development, which stems from a belief that future leaders - if provided with the right support and influence - will contribute positively to the development of their communities. The concept of a foundation stems from the collaboration initiated through the 'Kilimanjaro Initiative' NGO in Kenya, involving young leadership talents.

Initiation of the concept

"The underlying idea of the 'PDA Foundation' was initiated during my meeting with the young people enrolled in the 'Kilimanjaro Initiative'. During our one-week climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, we spent hours exchanging plans for the future, personal goals and ideas. It became clear to me that these young people – like so many others in underprivileged countries – possessed a distinctive talent and motivation to make a positive impact on their communities", – Dennis Lundoe Nielsen explains.

It was through this meeting between people of widely opposing backgrounds and living conditions, Dennis Lundoe Nielsen started developing a concept for sponsorship and mentoring, thus extending the Kilimanjaro Initiative to a broader and more global range of young talents.

"Unfortunately, young people with limited opportunities and means are restricted to make full use of their potential. I have come to realize that only through the right education and training these young people will be able to obtain positions in their communities in which their talent can flourish and eventually allow them to contribute to local development", Dennis Lundoe Nielsen elaborates.

Achieving ongoing and viable improvements in growth, democracy and human rights in developing countries, calls for a strengthening within. Building on this conviction it was determined that a foundation, offering a structured, global, talent, support program, is the most efficient way of progressing.

Mentoring and sponsorship

The PDA Foundation supports young people in becoming change agents within corporate and societal management through education, mentorships and financial means. PDA puts emphasis to the fact that financial support cannot stand alone in achieving the mission of the foundation. "Young people must experience first-hand mentorship from adult leaders and role models. Each individual mentor must share his/her experiences and opinions, thus inspiring young people to undertake corporate social responsibility, sustainable management and a democratic mindset", Dennis Lundoe Nielsen specifies.

Functioning on a project basis

The PDA Foundation aims to function and coordinate on a project basis. The work of the foundation revolves around the task of locating young, talented individuals and matching them with well-fit mentors. The foundation ensures the establishment of a Board of Directors, representing professional qualifications within CSR, education, mentoring, networking, etc.


Building on a solid collaboration with the Kilimanjaro Initiative as the local partner, the PDA Foundation seeks further collaboration with private and public sponsors, relevant organizations and NGOs in order to locate suitable talents, sponsors and mentors – the latter primarily from the private business world.

For further information, please contact:

Dennis Lundoe Nielsen, Managing Director, Phoenix Design Aid A/S: +45 2141 0906