In 2014 Phoenix Design Aid is actively supporting the Kilimanjaro Initiative – a commendable project that brings together youth and community stakeholders from around the world to raise awareness of youth-based development issues in the urban areas of East Africa.

In February this year the Kilimanjaro Initiative carefully selected and united 10 youths and 14 representatives from the private and public sectors under the same goal: to successfully climb Mount Kilimanjaro as part of an attempt to raise funds for community projects in Kenya and Tanzania. Following a personal invitation, Phoenix Design Aid’s managing director Dennis Nielsen and his wife Pia Nielsen participated in the event, offering both financial support and long-term obligations.

With widely opposing backgrounds, living conditions and means, the participants shared only limited common ground, but during the five-day climb close friendships were born across the array of cultures, age groups and backgrounds. Common ground was established, and new ideas were born, enabling representatives from the private sector to offer the participating youths guidance, support and hope for the future. The Kilimanjaro Initiative’s slogan was put into exemplary practice: “With greater understanding, perseverance and teamwork, one can reach greater heights”.

At Phoenix Design Aid we salute the Kilimanjaro Initiative and all of the amazing individuals who arranged the climb, carried the bags to each base camp, prepared the food and ensured the safety and well-being of all participants. We commend the Kilimanjaro Initiative for bringing together individuals who can help provide better opportunities for young men and women, raising funds for community projects and preventing those at risk from falling into unfortunate activities. Via cross-cultural dialogue the initiative helps these young men and women take on a constructive role and become agents of positive change in their respective urban contexts. At Phoenix Design Aid we take pride in offering our support to both the initiative in general and its participants.

The Kilimanjaro climb was a memorable experience for all who took part, and Phoenix Design Aid subsequently documented the event in detail in a short film, offering both a day-to-day recount of the climb as well as details concerning the underlying purpose of the Kilimanjaro Initiative.

The Kilimanjaro Initiative is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) headquartered in the Republic of Kenya. Please visit the Kilimanjaro Initiative website for further information.