This summer, the young Kenyan woman, Sharon Wambui has entered the support program of PDAid Foundation. Through scholarships and mentorships, the PDAid Foundation will support the new mentee in becoming a positive agent of change within the local community.

The overall goal of PDAid Foundation is to assist young individuals from developing countries with their personal professional aspirations and to provide them with skills that they can use to positively affect their local communities. This summer, Phoenix Design Aid funded the enrollment of a new mentee into the mentoring program. Dennis Lundoe Nielsen explains:

“Sharon Wambui is simply a perfect match for the program of PDAid Foundation, and we look forward to following her journey”.

Sharon Wambui began her journey exactly like previous mentees of the PDAid Foundation, when Timothy Challen, the founder of Kenyan NGO Kilimanjaro Initiative, encouraged her to join a youth group on the annual climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, which she accomplished. In this trip in March, she showed a great potential and was officially accepted into the support program by PDAid Foundation in July 2018.

Sharon is 18 years old and was born and raised in Kibera, a slum area of Nairobi. From Sharon’s point of view, the most challenging part of her life has been poverty and lack of school fees. With the enrollment to the PDAid mentoring program, Sharon will have the opportunity to find her path through education and through conversations with her mentor.

Sharon explains her dream in a few words by simply stating “I want to be a youth leader in my area.” This statement goes hand-in-hand with the mission of PDAid Foundation to focus on developing talent to improve conditions in disadvantaged communities by supporting local resources.

With the support of the Kilimanjaro Initiative and sponsorships in place, PDAid Foundation plans to enroll more new mentees in the PDAid Foundation support program in 2019.