Your support matters

  • USD 50 will pay for food and beverage for the mentee during the first phase of the program
  • USD 100 will pay for the internet expenses for the mentee throughout the first phase of the program
  • USD 300 will pay for a personal laptop, which can be used to do the work, required by the mentor, in order to stay on track on the mentorship program
  • USD 500 will mean paying 10% of the price of an entire mentorship program for one mentee

Donate to the Kilimanjaro Development Center

The Kilimanjaro Development Center (KDC) is an environmental and educational project, managed by two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – the PDAid Foundation and Kilimanjaro Initiative.

Located in the Maasai plains, KDC will be an important hub dedicated to youth from disenfranchised communities in East Africa and beyond. KDC will provide educational support and a base for outdoor adventures, a center where youth will be empowered to become agents of constructive and sustainable change in their communities.

Key features:

  • Educational and lodging facilities
  • Solar power and water retention solutions
  • Sustainable agriculture and tree planting